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Impaired Driving

Have you been charged with drinking and driving?

policeman and impaired driver test
Drinking and driving charges often require you to make quick decisions with consequences that can affect the rest of your life. A finding of guilt will result in an automatic criminal record and a driving prohibition. You shouldn’t choose just any criminal lawyer to represent you on this type of charge. You should choose a law firm with a proven history of practicing in the area of drinking and driving. Lerner Law Professional Corporation is just that firm.

Why Lerner Law can defend you

As a criminal defence lawyer and a former Crown prosecutor, our senior counsel, Daniel L. Lerner, has made the law of drinking and driving one of his primary areas of practice. Daniel’s work in the area includes:

  • During his time as a leading Crowns in drinking and driving, prosecuting high profile and complex drinking and driving cases
  • As a former Crown, developing and implementing Crown policies for drinking and driving prosecutions
  • Training and mentoring junior counsel on drinking and driving trials
  • Running training sessions for Crowns, defence counsel, and duty counsel about drinking and driving issues
  • Giving presentations on drinking and driving at legal conferences

Due to Daniel’s reputation in the area of drinking and driving, Daniel is also regularly asked to assist both other defence counsel and Crown offices to assist on their drinking and driving trials.

With Lerner Law Professional Corporation, Daniel will be available to sit down to discuss your case, go over all of your options, explain to you your defences, and represent you at your trial. Contact us today to set up an appointment.