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Lerner Law accepts private retainers and Legal Aid certificates.

If you intend to privately retain Lerner Law, we offer two options regarding fees. The most common option is a block fee that will cover all of the work agreed upon in the retainer. The block fee will often include different preset amounts depending on whether there is a trial, etc. The amount of the block fee will depend on the charges, the circumstances of the case, and the degree of complexity, and will be discussed with you at your initial consultation with Lerner Law. In more unusual cases, the retainer will be based on an hourly rate for the work.

If you plan on retaining Lerner Law with a Legal Aid certificate, please make sure you have been approved by Legal Aid Ontario. Lerner Law can help advise on how to apply for a Legal Aid certificate. For more information on Legal Aid Ontario, please visit their website at

Lerner Law has special fee options for low-income individuals who do not qualify for legal aid. Make sure to let us know if you require this option when booking an appointment or asking for a quote.